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Now I will have less
-- Leonhard Euler
      (1707 - 1783)
      (upon losing the use
      of his right eye)

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The expectation that we are supposed to love everyone is reason enough to know as few people as possible. -- Kelly Howard

Welcome to my website. There's nothing much to see
Chapuis Double Rifle here, but my wife told me she wanted me to learn how
to set up a web page so she could have one (she's a teacher).
I bought "Idiot's Guide to Creating a Website". After
setting up her website, I decided that I might as well
have a website myself. So here it is. As I learn more,
it should get better. Look at my links below.

National Rifle Association
Texas State Rifle Association
North American Hunting club
National Trappers Association
Dallas Safari Club
Varmint Hunters Association
CareNet       Christian Blind Mission International
Tracy's Caracature The Smile Train                                   Feed The Children
Prison Fellowship - Angel Tree                                     Sarah Palin PAC
Bat Conservation International                       Cheetah Conservation Fund
Conder Token Collector's Club

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